High End Audio components and systems

Find here the latest on our High End Audio products. The selection ranges from Active Crossover Networks for setting up active loudspeaker systems to pre and power AMPs for various power grades. Linking your active speaker system to your audio sources is made easy by our newly designed balanced driver – receiver pair. The line driver is an optimized solution for transmitting audio signals without degradation.

Additionally we suggest to equip your system with one of our High End power supply units (PSU). So get your selection done  …

Out now the brand new Phono Preamplifier phAMP 2(B) with MM and MC input schema and optional DC coupling capability for minimum phase distortion. The new preamplifier design will make your future years with vinyl even more productive and pleasant. The application employ solid engineering concepts and dismiss „golden ear“ discussions.

1. Quad Power AMP  … AMP 460 (B)

Whether you favor Bi- or TriAmping, a bridge solution or simply quadro sound this is the design for you. Our new quad Power Amp delivers 4 x 60Wrms in an extremely small form factor case. We have favored onboard voltage regulation for all four amplifier stages to minimize cross talk between the four stages. Operation of the AMP is customized by a couple of onboard switches.

The new quad power AMP stage is especially build to be used throughout our 3 way active loudspeaker systems. For driving the bass simply combine two of the four stages in a bridge combination. For middle and high range drivers engage the to two remaining power AMPs.

The quad power AMP comes with a balanced input so signal degradation along long transmission lines should be of no concern. For asymmetrical sources just ground the signal- pin or contact our support team for further assistance under .

2. MC + MM Phono preamplifier … phAMP 2 (B)

Although the digital compact disk  has nearly supplanted the vinyl disk as a popular media method for professional and consumer audio entertainment, the electro-mechanical recording and reproduction of audio signals has many more years of lifetime. Our new phono preamplifier design will make your future years with vinyl even more productive and pleasant.The amplifier concept employs solid engineering concepts, and dismiss „golden ear“ discussions.

It includes an input scheme for both moving coil (MC) and moving magnet (MM) – or variable reluctance – transducer. The design employs extremely low noise circuit topologies, high accuracy active and passive RIAA (Recording Industries Association of America) equalization with selectable old RIAA or new RIAA/IEC (International Electro- Technical Commission) curves. The amplifier comes either with an unbalanced consumer (Chinch) or a balanced (Neutrik XLR – option B) output circuit configuration. The amplifier is sold without phono cable to avoid any kind of discussion on audiophile copper. Our support team will be happy to assist you in finding a solution for your specific configuration. Always bear in mind – keep the connection between the transducer and the amplifier as short as possible and mind the capacity of the used phono cable and chinch connectors.

3. 3 way active crossover network … ACN 3 (B)

To overcome the problems associated with passive crossover networks for high end loudspeaker systems we currently designing an active crossover network ACN 3, based on the active subtractive principle. This design topology for active crossover networks  will be used throughout all of our active speaker systems.

4. Balanced line driver and receiver … LineDrv

The line driver is a differential output amplifier that converts a single ended, ground referenced input to a floating balanced output signal. They are designed for high performance audio applications and have excellent AC specifications, including extremely low harmonic distortion.

They easily drive the large capacitive loads associated with long audio cables and in combination with the differential receivers, they offer a complete solution for transmitting audio signals without degradation. The balanced driver – receiver pair is especially designed for application with our active speaker systems.

5. High End Power supply  … PSU 218 (F)

We have favored onboard voltage regulation for all our (pre) amplifier  and active crossover designs. So operation of these systems is indeed possible with every good quality power supply unit meeting the supply voltage requirements of the attached device.

Especially in combination with a phono preamplifier a given power transformer can radiate at a level sufficient to induce hum into the preamp. In theory, a toroidal transformer would restrict its field to the torus. Even so, it is probably better to keep the AC power portions of the system right away from the signal portion – to keep all this problems away from you we recommend the usage of our external power supply unit PSU 218 (F).The new designed power supply unit PSU 218 (F) is build around a toroidal power transformer and delivers an output of up to 1A @ +/-18V.

Far enough to power the phono preamplifier phAMP 2, an additional preamp or an active crossover network. The power supply unit delivers a symmetrical DC output and reduced the power supply inducted distortion due to hum and noise below the audible level. Despite all these facts, always bear in mind – keep the AC power portion of the system as far as possible away from the signal portion.