Customer-specific design (PCB / printed circuit board design)

Here you can find the designs from the area Embedded Systems and Custom Specific Circuits / Design, resulting from our product portfolio.

This could be new designs or updates for one of our current products or a design that we created for one of our customers. Do you have a need for development of PCB (printed circuit board) / printed circuit boards , so contact us and let’s discuss your personal product idea.

We offer designs for simple analog circuits (LED arrays, LED drivers) up to microprocessor Designs and Power electronics . Each print is now also prepared in 3D for better illustration. For a short selection from our reference projects, see the following list:

PIC32® motherboard with Ethernet:

The central feature of this board is an Ethernet interface with a TI DP83848C PHYTER ® single port 10/100 Mb / s Ethernet physical layer transceiver. In addition, an RTC (RealTimeClock) and a wide range of standard interfaces such as I2C, SPI or COMM are integrated on the board.

This board is intended as a base board for any application-specific extensions. The application specific board is attached to the board via DIL connectors. Highly efficient step down converters of the latest technology ensure high energy efficiency.

10A MicroStep stepper motor driver:

This driver is used to control a 2 phase stepper motor with phase currents of up to 10A. Digital inputs for single step and direction enable universal use. There is a freely selectable current limit for the phase currents and an adjustable microstep width of 1/2 1/4 … 1/16. The board has one DIN41612 Standard connector. This means that several boards can be combined on one motherboard to set up a 5-axis CNC system.

Field probe for flux density measurements of the earth’s magnetic field:

A special, highly sensitive measuring probe for measuring the vector components of the magnetic flux density of the earth’s field in X, Y and Z directions distinguishes our developments in the field of sensor technology. The probe allows the detection of changes in the magnetic flux density in the nT (nano Tesla) Area . The probe is around one AMR (Anisotrip Magnetic Resistance) Chip built and has a digital interface for reading out the flux density data.

POE StepUp Converter for 12V to 48V:

Operate your LAN network structure with energy from your mini photovoltaic system. With this converter you generate 48 V for your POE installation from 12V … 24V. Up to 72W with 96% efficiency.

CO2 measuring device:

With this mini device you can measure the CO2 content, the humidity, the air pressure and the room temperature. You can transfer the measured values to a server or visualize them directly.

Control electronics for 3D printers

Vote (vote) handheld device for the ORF

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