Garden design – outdoor

Let your outdoor area shine according to your ideas. The plants are, for example, indirectly or directly z. B. with our selected LED ground spike lights discreetly set in scene with warm white light. We offer you, with our greenCTRL driver Set the scene for up to 4 individual groups of a maximum of 6 earth spikes with warm white light via remote control. That means, for example, only your tree shines and the surrounding plants do not. The brightness can also be adjusted via our greenCTRL to adjust. According to our philosophy, the light in your garden only comes on when you are present. A unique lighting solution from a single source – from PEGASUS Systems.

Our range also includes narrow-beam outdoor lights with 1 ° / 5 ° / 10 ° / 15 ° / 20 ° / 25 ° and other beam angles.

The right garden lighting transforms the garden, creates a cozy atmosphere, brings magic and security through correctly placed light points and extends the living space down to the last illuminated bush.

Give us a call. We like to come into your outdoor area and create bright spots.