High end audio

After more than 10 years of development in the field of LED technology and electronic sensor technology, a lucky coincidence has brought us back to audio technology. Some inspiring conversations with Franz Hauer at last year’s High End Fair in Vienna (2017) and a resulting cooperation with Hauer analog gave rise to the idea of redesigning our proven phono amplifier and, as a result, the power amplifier.

10 years are in the field of semiconductor technology according to Gordon Moore (Moore’s Law) a little eternity and so we have set ourselves the task of completely redesigning a proven product. Approaches and possibilities are innumerable here, improved semiconductor technology, lower-noise OPAs, smaller housings and thus shorter signal paths, more stable and improved passive components, innovative circuit technology for all aspects of current-amplifying MC inputs (moving coil) , fully symmetrical concepts of the input stages are just some of the innovations in the new phonoAMP 3.x were realized.

Despite all the innovation, we have remained true to our original principles and have continued to rely on all “ golden ears “We dispensed with circuit concepts and allowed our expertise in the field of electronic sensors to flow into the project. All entrance steps deliberately do without discreet steps and are full on “State of the art solid state engineering” . Thus on integrated circuits, since in our opinion symmetry can be achieved much better at the chip level than with individual, albeit calibrated components.

With regard to the essential aspect of low noise, today’s chip production reaches a level that is reminiscent of the legendary concepts of “Strait wire with gain” remind. The noise densities here are close to the minimum level specified by thermal noise.

The new phonoAMP 3.x offers the user both MM and MC inputs as well as the selection of a current amplifier or the classic voltage input. The type of input and the amplification technology used are selected using onboard DIL switches. Here we are consciously on from Outside accessible switching elements on front panels, because we do not want to question the sound quality with additional cables and switching elements.

Through the cooperation with Hauer analog we have the option of completely adapting the configuration of the input stages and the rest of the preamplifier to the pickup used and thus achieve optimal results in terms of sound quality for the entire system of pickup – disk drive and preamplifier.

The first systems for hearing tests have been available since summer 2018. The first public performance of a Hauer – Pegasus sound combination took place in Heidenreichstein at the end of April 2018. Here became ours phonoAMP 3.0 in Waldviertel granite embedded according to the idea of Franz Hauer!

As a result, we not only offer different housing versions with your desired material – wood / granite / thinnest stone applications / stainless steel combination – but also a battery-operated (up to 12h) and therefore mains-independent operation.