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After more than 10 years of development in the sensor and LED lighting sector, the circle closed again by a happy coincidence and brought us back to the world of audio technology. Some inspiring conversations with Franz Hauer on the occasion of the KlangBilder in Vienna in 2017 and a resulting cooperation with Hauer analog revived the idea of a redesign of our proven phono amplifier concept. The first concepts for the phono preamp first emerged in the 1990s and were successfully implemented in the first series of phAMp 041 phono preamps in the 2000s.

Ten years in the field of semiconductor technology according to Gordon Moore (Moore’s Law) is a small eternity. So we consciously set ourselves the task of completely revising our proven concept. Approaches and possibilities are countless, such as improved semiconductor technology, but also the most modern SMD components and lower-noise OPAs play a key role in sound quality. Smaller housings and thus shorter signal paths are further indispensable measures. Our low-noise circuit technology of the MC inputs (moving coil) and a fully symmetrical circuit concept for the input stages are just some of the innovations in the new phonoAMP 3.x were realized.

Despite all the innovation, we have remained true to our original principles and have continued to rely on all “ golden ears “Concepts dispensed with. We have incorporated our many years of expertise in the field of electronic sensor technology into the project, as well as deliberately avoiding discrete transistor stages in all input stages. We are fully committed “State of the art solid state engineering” – s omit to integrated circuits. In our opinion, symmetry can be achieved much better at chip level than with individual, albeit calibrated, components.

The new phonoAMP 3.x offers vinyl lovers both MM (moving magnet) and MC inputs. The user can also route the pickup signal directly via the DC coupled RIAA output, the AC coupled RIAA / IEC output or a SubSonic filter. In this way, the optimal playback quality can be achieved depending on the technical conditions of the record. Switching between the output paths is of course carried out using a remote control.

Through our cooperation with Hauer analog we have the option to completely adapt the configuration of the input stages and the rest of the preamplifier to the pickup used. With this, we achieve incomparable, crystal-clear and unadulterated results in terms of sound quality for the overall system of the pickup – disk drive and preamplifier. A system that can only show in its holistic conception how vinyl can really sound.

In addition, we will implement your overall audio system Your material preferences , encased in solid stainless steel (painted in the color of your choice) and fine local wood (oiled or stained). This is also unique and guarantees complete integration of your audio system into your living space.

How about one Battery operated (up to 12h, so wireless) and thus network-independent operation of your overall audio system ?! You can get it only here! That is new O-LED display of the integrated amplifier that can be personalized to your connected devices. LED backlit Audio devices are also one of our specialties.

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