We create bright spots and listening pleasure.

Our customers appreciate our professionalism and that we are so much time take as is necessary for competent advice. Energy efficiency, Feel-good factor , stimulating lighting effects, the often underestimated health aspect of lighting and crystal clear sounds : We offer state of the art Electronics for high end audio and LED Designer lighting products that make your surroundings shine with the optimal quality of light!

We accompany your project.

Why we are so happy for our customers from Project start to after assembly there are: because we naturally like to be there when our baby is developing! Even after completion, we will be happy to answer all your requests and questions and advise you on your upcoming projects. And at reasonable prices. PEGASUS has been on the market for 30 years, for example with the ORF as a fixed size!

Designed, manufactured and repaired in Vienna.

PEGASUS Systems exclusivity stands for our own development and production of HDTV-compatible, flicker-free LED DMX drivers / light consoles , High end audio Devices, customer-specific design and their firmware. In the company’s own workshop, the team of specialists conceives sustainable design – made in 1230 Vienna /Austria. Für unsere Kunden – alles aus einer Hand – von der Beratung, Montage, Licht/Lampen-Reparatur (auch gerne mobil) und Nachbetreuung anzubieten, widerspiegelt unsere langjährige Kompetenz rund ums Licht und deren maßgeschneiderte Lösungen.


We are listed as a repair shop by the City of Vienna and the Federal Environment Agency. We repair your lamps , regardless of whether they are conventional, retro, antique or defective LED lights! – Our office is our home and we are there for you during our usual opening times (please register in advance by phone!). Wir holen Ihre defekten Leuchten auf Wunsch gerne von Ihnen ab. Gleichzeitig beraten wir Sie in einem Erstgespräch über mögliche optimierte, energiesparende und förderbare Lichtverhältnisse für zu Hause/Büro/Geschäft/Garten und geben ein unverbindliches Angebot ab.

We will be happy to convince you of the incomparable sound of our high-end audio devices. Simply register with us for the sound experience.

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