As an extension to our DMX-512 standard lighting consoles we offer our artNET driver on: The maximum number of 512 data circles was obviously not enough for larger shows when the LED strips were controlled in sections with all three basic colors RG and B. To circumvent the limitations of the DMX-512 protocol, digital LED strips a new control unit artTEMIS developed via Art-Net Protocol can be controlled. artTEMIS (PIC32 motherboard) can hold up to 4th digital LED strips (up to 15m length) control and manage more than 2,000 data circles . To ensure a correspondingly high repetition rate and rapid processing of the TCP / IP protocol stack, artTEMIS built around a Microchip PIC32 ™ 32bit processor. ArtTEMIS is first used in “The Great Change ( © ORF 2010 … 2014). With the Art-Net We bring drivers individual sections on the LED strip in all colors from a tablet or mobile phone via our own developed Mobile app out to shine. We leave your company name or yours Company logo shine in color as a video.

The Art-Net Protocol was developed by Artistic License LTD and is available for applications free of charge.

Scope of application:

By controlling each individual LED, you can use the artTEMIS For example, let your company logo or any image (as png, jpg) run through along a wall or around a column in your business premises. It creates a Continuous color spectrum in all rainbow colors , which can be individually regulated in terms of speed.

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