LED DMX drivers and DMX lighting control panels

Here you can data sheet to our intelligent LED drivers.

4-channel driver: APDM driver 6A ESY 030

The intelligent APDM ESY 030 6A is a universal controller for RGB-W LED lighting systems with DMX-512 / DALI interface.

  • High switching frequency of up to 12kHz to avoid image interference with HDTV (freedom from flickering according to IEEE specifications)
  • APDM modulation process for extremely soft fade-in on stage
  • all loads from the classic light bulb to the modern LED strips (see also LED strips) can be controlled, up to 8A/circuit , up to 12 load circuits, no additional heat dissipation measures necessary
  • Screw and plug-in terminals for easy and tool-free assembly, service and modification
  • Dedicated dimmer channel master
  • Control is via a DMX-512 capable light control desk for varying up to 4096 (logarithmic) brightness levels
  • ESTIMA : automatic detection of faulty DMX-512 transmission
  • Live mode for error analysis in the system. Data can be read directly on the LED display
  • has a stand alone function that programs or sets the brightness of the LEDs from the driver
  • galvanically isolated DMX-512 interface, which ensures a complete decoupling of the power and interface parts

12-channel driver: Triple Quad (12x) OCtL driver 1.5A, ESY 030-D

The intelligent one Triple Quad (12x) OCtL driver 1.5A ESY 030-D is a universal control device for RGB-W LED lighting systems with DMX-512 / DALI interface. The difference with our product 1 is that the Triple Quad ESY 030-D 3x RGB-W strips can control and is therefore ideal for large-area lighting situations such as walls or larger areas.

4-channel driver and control panel in one device: greenCTRL in a white layout

The controller greenCTRL is a universal controller for RGB-W LED lighting systems with presence detection and an automatic timer for switching between programmed lighting moods (scenes).

  • high switching frequency of up to 10kHz to enable physiological light design (free from flickering)
  • Energy-efficient lighting design with passive infrared (PIR) presence sensor (automatic fading to avoid abrupt light changes)
  • all loads from classic light bulbs to modern LED strips (see also LED strips) can be controlled (common anode, up to 8A load current)
  • up to 6 different RGB-W lighting moods freely programmable
  • Auto timer mode with adjustable duration for automatic fading between the individual lighting moods
  • Screw and plug-in terminals for easy and tool-free assembly, service and modification
  • ColorWizard to set your lighting mood (all shades of the rainbow spectrum)
  • IR remote control (see also LED accessories) or manual control on the device possible

DMX control panel with DMX interface: smartPanel ESY 032-C / A

The smartPanels (5 sliders, since 2021 3 sliders) offers you the possibility to realize small standalone lighting applications without using a PC. The smartPanel enables you to illuminate the lighting mood via a built-in RGB-W controller and to save the corresponding settings immediately. All lights controllable via DMX-12 can be controlled via the smartPanel be controlled. The smartPanel uses 40 DMX-512 addresses to control 10 possible RGB-W lights (Circles). 3 different addressing modes are available. An ensemble of 10 RGB-W circles is called a scene. The internal memory can process up to 9 scenes. These can be programmed or retrieved at any time. The scenes can be programmed without external tools. Scenes can also be edited.

  • DMX-512 output with slew rate limitation (Low EMI)
  • 4 + 1 faders for RGBG-W and master for brightness
  • PIR sensor for automatic switch-off when leaving the lighting area (energy-saving mode)
  • Ambient light sensor
  • different options for remote control, remote panel with 10 keys or LAN / WLAN interface, e.g. remote control via Windows / UNIX terminal
  • AutoTimer mode for fading different scenes
  • Buttons for FadeIn and FadeOut, fading times freely programmable

Our drivers and light control panels (except greenCTRL ) are delivered as standard in a black stage layout. If you have other design requirements, the layout can be adapted to your requirements or color ideas at any time.

We give a 10 year guarantee on our drivers and control panels!