LED program prices

Contact us to email you our latest price lists or offers for our program portfolio:

LED Technology:

1. LED DMX driver (2 to 12 channels) / lighting consoles = own products

2. All kinds of LED strips

3. LED aluminum profiles or flexible profiles

4. LED panels in various sizes

5. LED profile lights from PEGASUS Systems

6th LED stone backlights

7. LED light sources

8.LED accessories such as power supplies, contactors, power rails, PIRs, …

Light Solutions:

Various designer lights: in particular from Zuma Line and Calex Gigant LED or other lights of all kinds, which we of course offer cost-effectively after price comparisons on the Internet.

High end audio:

1. High end audio products ( Phono preamplifier, D / A converter, power amplifier ) for your perfect music experience

2. Custom PCB design such as: IR remote control, voting (handheld) devices, print development for 3D printers, motor controls, …

We would be happy to offer you a non-binding price offer for your individual LED lighting solution with or without installation.

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