LED strips / tiles

Our LEDs strips and Tiles (Tiles, 480x240mm) are high quality surface mount devices (SMD) on flexible printed circuit boards (PCB) with adhesives 3M Glue (soldered on our specially developed ComBine adapter board ).

We offer any desired color and length from 1m, in 10cm units, any color temperature and protection class at.

With our specially developed and in-house produced LED drivers and LED light control panels, we control every light color in all colors, remotely or via your mobile phone app, with a presence sensor and LAN network connection.

We control each LED individually from digital LED strip to let your company logo or video shine, for example.

Below you will find the technical data of the available LED strips (for information on the LED tiles, please ask separately):

  • Input voltage: DC12V or DC24V
  • LED power / efficiency: from 8 W / m up to currently 42W / m = 3150lm / W
  • Connection: 12V or 24V
  • Luminous flux: to 180lm / W depending on the type
  • Color rendering CRI (Ra> ): from 80 to 97
  • Color temperatures: 2,700K -7,000K, tunable white
  • Working temperature (℃): -20 ° to 75 °
  • Lifespan: to 50,000h
  • Band (strip) material: PCB
  • Certificates: CE, PSE, RoHS
  • Country of origin: China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: from 1m to x meters, depending on the project
  • LED numbers:< 30 LEDs / m to 120 LEDs / m depending on the SMD type
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Cutting: 2cm (own strip type) or 10 cm
  • Protection classes ingress protection IP codes : IP20, IP65, IP67, IP68
  • Band dimensions: depending on the type 4mm to 21 mm
  • Colors availability: digital LEDs, Red (R), green (G), blue (B), yellow, White (NW), Warm White (WM), Cold White (CW), colorful ( RGB), colored + RGB-NW or + WW or + CW
  • Beam angle:> 120 ° to 180 °
  • LED failure rate at 25 ° C: after 500h 0%, after 1,000h 0%, after 2,000h 0.5%, after 4,000h 1.2%, after 6,000h 2%

We will be happy to send you technical data sheets for the LED strips / tiles you require.