Energy efficiency

Achtung seit 1.2.2023 gibt es eine Energiespar-Förderung von der WAW.

Unterstützung für kleine Unternehmen, die nachhaltige Maßnahmen zur Einsparung von Energie und/oder Steigerung der Energieeffizienz setzen. Wie zum Beispiel der Umstieg auf LED Beleuchtung.

The question of replacing the light source cannot always be answered easily and immediately. The main criteria here are how old the light source is and what technology is in use. A comparison of the energy costs for the two most commonly used technologies is given below, but this is not always the only decision criterion. Here, ecological, architectural and financial aspects (costs and effort of retrofitting) must be taken into account. I. m following be given an estimate of the energy costs for the operation of a small lighting solution. The comparison is quite simple. So should a 60W light bulb compared to one LED light with 6W with identical luminous flux Φ (Unit Lumen lm ) must be specified. It should be noted that the cost accounting is exclusively the pure electricity costs (Energy costs). Maintenance costs are not taken into account. If the maintenance costs are also taken into account, the cost savings are generally significantly higher. The Energy saving lamp finds due to their poor environmental compatibility (ecological balance) as well as their technical obsolescence as a light source no consideration.

The above calculation does not take into account any costs due to the service interval. The service intervals differ for Light bulbs and LED application by the factor 10 . Drastic cost savings can therefore also be expected here. Will the top numbers on one average work space in a company Cost savings In the range of € 400 … € 800 / year quite achievable and a clear economic benefit for the company by switching to LED technology can be seen. If a more modern light bulb, such as a fluorescent tube, is not adopted as the light source, the cost savings are no longer so drastic. At Fluorescent lamps can, depending on the selected light color and color rendering, with a Light output from approx. 45 … 100 Lumens per watt be expected. This is an improvement by the factor 4 … 5 opposite the lightbulb. The amortization cycles when switching to LED lamps are correspondingly longer. An operating time of approx. 10,000 hours can be assumed as the service life of the fluorescent lamp. This is mainly reduced by frequent switching cycles.

If we are interested in a Switch to LED technology or you have further questions, please contact us directly under the references given.

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