LED promotion

With this information, PEGASUS Systems would like to draw your attention to the possibility of LED funding.
Take the chance as long as this funding is still available and switch to LED systems in your company premises and in the outdoor area.

We are happy to advise you on this at any time.

The conversion to LED lighting systems for indoor and outdoor areas is funded by the federal government through Kommunalkredit Public Consulting for the Indoorand for the Outdoor area.

Under these links you will find all information, downloadable documents and the Online registration to funding for indoor and outdoor use. The text listed below was partially taken from the above mentioned homepage.

Get your environmental funding – up to 30% of the eligible costs! By using modern LED systems, considerable energy-saving potentials can be used and operating costs can be saved. In addition, LEDs have a service life that is many times longer than that of conventional lighting systems. LED lamps work up to 40,000 hours and they save up to approx. 85% energy.

Who is funded? All companies, other entrepreneurial organizations as well as associations and denominational institutions can submit.

What is funded? (valid for indoor use) As part of the “Conversion to LED systems” funding program, the replacement of conventional light sources with LED systems and the additional installation of lighting control systems in objects used by companies are funded. The total connected load of the installed LED lamps must be at least 500 watts (0.5 kW) and less than 20 kW and the LED systems used must have the CE mark.

  • Tausch konventioneller Leuchten gegen LED-Systeme (Tausch von auschließlich Leuchtmitteln sind nicht förderbar!)
  • Lighting control systems (movement-active, daylight-dependent control and switching) in combination with LED lighting systems

From this promotion except are the exchange conventional light sources (e.g. incandescent lamps, fluorescent tubes) versus LED light sources and lighting systems for outdoor facilities and advertising spaces.

What is funded? (ad energy saving and outdoor areas) Measures for the efficient use of energy in existing buildings for lighting optimization in the outdoor area are funded. The lighting optimization in existing buildings is promoted by installing ballasts and sensor-controlled control with at least 10% energy savings. For lighting optimization indoors as well as street and outdoor lighting.

The eligible costs are made up of the costs for the new system as well as for planning and installation.

How big is the promotion? (valid for indoor use) The funding depends on the output of the installed LED lights and amounts to € 600 per kW . When using a external energy advice a qualified specialist will be responsible for at least eight hours flat-rate surcharge of € 300 granted.

How big is the promotion? (ad energy saving and outdoor areas) Depending on the type of project, the calculation is made either in the form of a percentage of the eligible investment costs or per light point, depending on the lighting optimization in the outdoor area (€ 25 / LP 0-40 watts, € 50 / LP> 40W ). In addition to the standard funding rate, a Surcharge for lighting control ( 20% on the determined flat-rate funding ) are awarded.

Application: Can apply for funding after submitted to Kommunalkredit Public Consulting no later than six months after the invoice has been issued (for indoor use).

Die Förderung für die Energieeinsparung und den Außenbereich sind vor Beginn der Maßnahme online einzureichen.

Payout: You will receive funding after the application has been approved and your project has been implemented. The prerequisite is the submission of the final invoice.

Details on the granting of funding (Target groups, funding calculation and legal basis) as well as further information can also be found under the links above.