Light Solutions + Repair

Light Solutions

In addition to our own electronic products for lighting solutions, we also offer personalized ones LED lighting design products (e.g. line lighting, stone backlighting, ..).

To round off our product portfolio, we of course have many designer lighting companies (eg Zuma Line, Calex, Panlux, .. and many more) in our program, adapted to every environment according to your ideas and space and that is dimmed, colorful, hidden in a profile and and and.

Our lighting companies are not only based on the appearance of the lights, but in particular on the Quality of workmanship and selected according to fair prices. For our customers Of course we compare prices on the internet . We constantly go to lighting fairs and regularly research the latest models. Regardless of whether it looks or should look classic or modern in your premises, we will place the selected luminaire / s with the optimal light quality in the right place.

Depending on customer requirements, our energy-efficient, innovative lighting concepts can be offered on a photorealistic basis with standard-compliant photometric data.

It is important to us, the often underestimated health aspect Emphasize good lighting at any consultation.

We also strive to integrate lighting control systems (IR remote control, app, KNX,…) into our lighting concepts according to customer requirements.

Light repair / repair of lights of all kinds

We want to conserve and save the resources of our planet. It goes without saying that we will repair any type of defective luminaire, lamp or luminaire system for you. Bring your old chandelier over. We repair “ everything that makes light “ or rely on LEDs around.

Please note the safe use of electricity . We are always surprised in what condition electrical devices, cables, control cabinets, plugs, contacts, … are available to some customers. Regular checks can protect your life. Here is a recommendation from VDE (Consumer Protection Electricity Testing and Certification Institute).