CAUTION! We will be moving from September 12th, 2021 and will probably only start accepting orders and luminaire repairs again from the end of September. We stay in the 23rd district. Our new location is then at Brachtlgasse 23 (Kalksburg).

From January 2023 As a repair shop, we have that again Repair receipt this time valid for all of Austria. You can find all information about the receipt from 2021 here .

Our High end audio preamplifier and the Output stage are redesigned and available for you.

New in-house developments for our DMX devices: 2 and 4 channel drivers and 2 slider mini lighting desk are available now.


Here ours Final report on the repair receipt phase I : The balance sheet for the climate is positive: around 1.9 tons of CO2 equivalents were saved with the lamps we repaired. There were over 80 different luminaire repairs. We met such nice new customers.

We are now officially one of the Repair shops the “Trade and Crafts” division of WKO under the motto “Repair instead of throwing away” (since 10/2019).

We are featured on page 51 of the 3rd issue of the MEGA Mechatronik members’ newspaper.

We are a member of Economic initiative wir23 and thus promote the regionality of the 23rd district (since 11/2019).

We are also diligent in the audio sector. The D / A converter for CD players have been redesigned.


From November 22-24 we played with ours High end audio equipment at the fair – KlangBilder 2019 – together with Hauer analog . There were so many interested parties with us. Thank you. Make another listening appointment with us.

We show one Moonlight simulator With< 1 lux Illuminance in the Special exhibition : “The moon.” in the NhM in Vienna (from 10/30 until June 1st, 2020).

At the 12.10. found the most exclusive event at Schubert Stone instead of. Our backlit quartzite bar was animated using an app.

since 23.9. we are a member of Repair network in Vienna. We also repair and convert your lights and lamps of all kinds to LEDs.

In the Lower Belvedere meeting room of the Hyatt Hotel Andaz Vienna am Belvedere We installed 24 RGB-W dome lines controlled by our drivers at Vienna Central Station.

We have in every room Line lighting and 5 stone backlights in the model apartment TheAmbassy installed in 1030 Vienna.


Agenda Liesing has accepted us into the circle of Atzgersdorfer Grätzlmakers and integrated us into their poster campaign. We are happy to support our Grätzl Atzgersdorf, the local shops in our area.

At the Austrian High end audio fair , sound pictures , from November 16-18 We stayed at the Arcotel Kaiserwasser after many years Hauer analog finally back.

The first re-screening of our Phono preamplifier became successful in Heidenreichstein in the Waldviertel launched (April) and sold.

We have a lot of news at the fair Light & Building brought in Frankfurt.

We offer your lighting solution adapted light control panels with which you can save 10 RGB-W light scenes. There is a matching Platform independent web interface to control your lighting solution on a DMX basis.


We create light in the 23rd district and are friends of “The heart of Atzgersdorf”.

We attended the Congress of LTG (Lighting Technology Society) in Saalfelden.

LED stone backlighting one Quartzite bar: In the basement of the villa with ours Partner of Schubert Stone GmbH At 23, Breitenfurter Straße 249, you can see the bar glowing in all imaginable colors, regulated with our own developed smartPanel lighting desk and controlled with our LED drivers. We will show you this work of art live on site at any time.


We represent the designer lights from Zuma Line . We have some of ours Zuma Line to shine exhibited in our office. Take a look and let a specialist advise you on interior design.

We have new catalogs and ideas from the Light & Bulding brought from Frankfurt.

Discover us in the Wohninsider Magazin for the Furnishing industry .