LED stone backlights

Stone and light , this connection opens up unimagined possibilities for individual living space design. Stone and light lCreates unique works of art, full of natural beauty and unsurpassed exclusivity. By combining Stone and LED light Fascinating accents are created, which ennoble your living area in a unique way. There are no limits to your imagination and areas of application. Applications: Whether backlit washbasins made of fine onyx or bathtubs made of rock crystal in the luxury bathroom, elegant fireplace cladding, soothing indoor fountains, columns, stone images, walls or bar elements with sophisticated lighting – in white or colored in the color of your choice – whatever unusual ideas you always have Stone and light want to realize, together with our partner Schubert Stone GmbH even the boldest dream homes will become a wonderful reality.

Structure of the stone backlighting: With the help of LED strips and our ComBineMATX adapter board a flat arrangement for your stone backlighting is achieved via a special heat-conducting aluminum composite plate. This arrangement specially developed by us has the property that it reproduces a homogeneous, bright and flat light source in the close range (distance LED-Plexiglas diffuser-stone slab = 2-5cm) and the individual LED points are not recognizable. The back surface of this carrier plate thus represents the heat sink. By choosing the distance between the individual LED strips, the luminance can be adapted to customer requirements. 210W / m2 was used as a tested and practical value. We offer the LED arrangement in warm white, neutral white and RGB-WW or WM, which our LED 3/4/12-channel driver and power supply units (output depends on the total length of the LED strips) manually, via a Infrared IR remote control , our App (via a tablet / mobile phone) or a Lighting desk can be controlled. Or your stone lighting is only switched on and off via a light switch or controlled via a dimmable power supply unit, whereby only one light color is possible. Everything from one source and therefore ONE tested combination.

Every single one Stone and light Design object is therefore an inimitable one Unique and is made exactly according to your personal ideas. Decide together with THE stone expert Schubert Stone GmbH (see video onyx marble) and us as your LED expert, which parts of the stone slabs are cut for you and which lighting effect is exactly suitable for your stone backlighting.

We would be happy to send you our stone backlighting folder.