Partners & current projects

We are partners of Schubert Stone GmbH . Together we realize every kind of LED stone backlighting .

We are partners of ArchiCover . We backlight, for example, structured ones Corian Plates with special LED technology (see Piano Bar & 3D Point), which are exhibited and can be admired in Heiligenstätterstraße 159, 1190 Vienna.

We are partners of Hauer analog. We have the real sound Phono preamplifier, power amplifier and D / A converter . Franz designed the exclusive handcrafted Record player out Waldviertel granite .

We are a member of Repair network. We repair your lights of all kinds and are happy to convert them to LED.

We are a member of Economic initiative wir23 and promote regionality in the 23rd district.

We are also listed at imGrätzl under Rodaun&Kalksburg.

We are partners of Fait Maiz , who produces LED illuminated unique items from old wooden barrels (Bar-rel). Aktuell sind ein Bar-rel und eine gemeinsam designte Pendelleuchte aus Fasstauben und der Elektrik von PEGASUS im Schauraum von der Tischlerei Holzträume Simek im 23. Bezirk ausgestellt.

We are a partner company of the repair bonus from the Federal Ministry (Kommunalkredit).

Current projects: constant redesign of our audio high-end portfolio, stone/corian LED backlighting, various repairs of all kinds of lights, studio lighting event location incl. Security lighting, complete apartment lighting