We are – the team

The manager is DI Dr. Christian Brunner . He develops and designs the electronic hardware and firmware, has an electrician license, is an editor and a family man.

DI Claudia Brunner is European Lighting Expert (ELE), Energy efficiency consultant and is there for accounting, sales, marketing, purchasing and catering.

DI Harald Fischer is a programmer. Among other things, he designs your mobile app. Freelance workers equip electronic assemblies and support the assembly of lighting systems.

PEGASUS Systems not only offers individual energy-efficient lighting concepts including advice on LED subsidies, but also complete Lighting solutions for your showrooms, offices, business premises or your private area, Indoor as well as Outdoors .

In terms of High end audio let’s give that “perfect pitch” for you. We have that Overall system Pickup – record drive, phono preamplifier, power amplifier and D / A converter.


  • is a small, flexible company with strong advice.
  • is solution-oriented due to years of experience and specialist knowledge in electronics and lighting technology.
  • takes his time and responds to every customer request, even after assembly.
  • provides competent advice on the topics of energy efficiency and the health aspect of light.
  • specializes in developing tailor-made customer solutions.
  • draws plans in advance or works with special lighting planning software.
  • wants his customers to come back.
  • assemble the electronics in Vienna Liesing with local staff.
  • develops and produces your desired print / PCB / circuit board in our own workshop, e.g. for a 3D printer.
  • designs the right hardware for your customer-specific design, e.g. the housing for the phono preamplifier.
  • is therefore more independent of sub-suppliers and faster than them.
  • repairs all types of lights and converts them to LEDs.
  • realizes the sustainability concept.
  • Gismo take care that we do everything right …