Company history

Than anything with the music started…
“Without music, life would be a mistake.” True to this motto, PEGASUS Systems’ path led through the Audio technology to electronics . PEGASUS Systems develops and builds high-end amplifiers, active filters, upsampling DACs according to your wishes (see under High End Audio).

The founding year!
from 1992. PEGASUS Systems is founded. We develop and manufacture custom designs in the field Stage technology and Power electronics . These are systems for controlling optical panels, effect devices or projectors for large-screen projections.

PEGASUS Systems is establishing itself!
b 1996. PEGASUS Systems makes a name for itself and wins the ORF in the field Studio technology as customers. The first DMX recorder is born, a custom-made product for the new newsroom on Kündiglberg.

Only LED!
b 2000. The independent development in the field of LED results from the logical consequence of the stage technology. Of the HD TV suitable, flicker-free driver with adjustable switching frequencies is ready for the stage and controls 12 or 24 volt LED strips in all color shades with 14 bit resolution, without having to pick up a tool for the installation.

PEGASUS Systems work t for the stars of tomorrow!
2002. PEGASUS Systems is building the so-called Votegrab system For “Starmania” (© ORF) . Over 200 studio guests vote for the stars of tomorrow with this voting device.

Our lighting consoles can be controlled worldwide!
2006 . The DMX light ane e le or consoles for the television studio as well as for the commercial sector with special properties like the Remote controllability , the automatic timer to fade between different lighting moods are next to that smartPanel for connection to a LAN Network and an integrated PIR Presence sensor developed to increase the energy efficiency of the lighting solution.

The range is expanding!
In addition to its own products, PEGASUS Systems now offers all necessary Lighting components for your lighting solutions (LED strips in warm white, cold white and RGB-W, power supplies up to> 240W in IP20 – IP65, LED strip silicone hose for outdoor use) and and and …

The great opportunity “for PEGASUS Systems GmbH! 2011/12. The new one is created as an extension to the DMX-512 standards artTEMIS which up to 4 digital LED strips (up to 15m length) controls and manages more than 2000 data circuits. The first application is in “The Great Opportunity” ( © ORF 2010 …). The LED basic colors light up from each individual LED point depending on the staging of the star or depending on your color preference in your rooms.

The future has started!
With further development, the Art-NET driver (artTEMIS) , we bring individual sections on the LED strip in all colors of yours Tablet or Pc out to shine. We leave your company name or logo as Video glow in color.

2015. The LED range expands. We offer everything to do with light: lamps, lights, suitable accessories, tailor-made Stone backlights (e.g. Onyx) with LED strips, your dream light (designer lights from Zuma Line, Calex, also for outdoors and many others).

2016. The greenCTRL Driver and the smartPanel (lighting desk) are handy, easily controllable devices to let your rooms shine in all colors to save energy.

Vinyl at it’s best! 2018 . With the relaunch of the phono preamplifier, the power amplifier and the D / A converter, we are back with full passion High end audio industry got in.

Safe the planet! 2019. We repair Your defective to shine of all kinds and convert them to LEDs. We are a member of Repair network Vienna.

Something unique again! 2021. We have now too 3 slider mini light consoles for tuneable or RGB-W applications.

2022. The DMX addresses of our 4-channel driver are now even easier to see and control via an LED display . We are a partner company of the federal repair bonus funding.

PEGASUS Systems not only offers individual energy-efficient lighting concepts including advice on LED subsidies, but also complete lighting solutions for your showrooms, offices, business premises or your private area, indoors as well as outdoors and “accompanied” with high-end audio equipment.